Welcome to Convectronics - Serpentine Heater, Porcupine Heater, Air Heater, Tubular Heater, Thermocouple, Temperature Sensor, Convection Heater, Controls Convectronics Manufactures First Class Heaters, Temperature Sensors and Precise Controls, Assists with Design and Application Needs.




Welcome to Convectronics

Convectronics is a premier US manufacturer of first class heaters, temperature sensors and controls. We offer a wide variety of industry standards available for "Just In-Time Delivery" and manufacturing capabilities which cover a broad spectrum of customized products for most applications. With decades of knowledge and experience in custom heating and temperature sensing, Convectronics is able to offer you elite technical support and service along with the highest quality products. Our technical staff is waiting to assist you with all your design and application needs. Please inquire today - 1-800-633-0166.



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