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ACS-13A Digital Indicating Controller
JCL-33 Digital Indicating Controller with Ramp/Soak
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JCL-33 Digital Indicating Controller with Ramp/Soak

IP66 Protective construction.
Black enclosure.
Programmable Alarms
Units feature standard single alarm output.
Units feature multi-input capabilities:
10 Thermocouple types, 2 current input, 4 voltage input and 1 RTD type.
Ramp/Soak Function
Up to 9 Ramp/Soak segments.
Dual Use
This instrument is easily switched between controller or transmitter by simple key operation.
Low Cost
Most advanced price/ performance package available
PID Autotune
All units feature as standard full function third generation PID Autotune. This feature minimizes process overshoot under the most demanding applications.
Large LED Display
All units feature bright display of either PV or SV, red 4 digits.
Digital Input
Change between setpoints (SV1, SV2).
Safety Approvals
UL, cUL, and CE Safety Approvals.
All units manufactured to strict ISO standards and offer full 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.
Model JCL:
1/32 DIN (48mm X 24mm)

Powerful 1/32 DIN Controller

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