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Folder Electric Air Heaters
Heater Style Application and Selection Guide
Single Pass Quartz Tube Heaters
Air Heater Accessories
Metal Shell Air Heaters
Performance Characteristics of Metal Shell Air Heaters
Triple Pass Housings/Elements
Triple Pass Accessories
Triple Pass Flanged Housings/Elements
Performance Characteristics of Triple Pass Heaters
Triple Pass Heaters: Three Element Housing
Air Flow Characteristic of Triple Pass Heaters
Open Coil Convection Heaters
In-Line Pipe Heaters
High Volume In-Line Pipe Heaters
High Volume In-Line Pipe Heater Accessories
Regenerative Blower
Power Control Module
S.C.R. Power Controls
Contactors and Controllers

Folder Tubular Heater Products
Tubular Electric Heaters
Mounting Methods - Tubular Electric Heaters
Terminations - Tubular Electric Heaters
Forming - Tubular Electric Heaters
Custom Design - Tubular Electric Heaters
Radiant Process Heater Assemblies
Quartz Radiant Infrared Heaters
Mounting Methods - Quartz Radiant Infrared Heaters

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Folder Temperature Sensors
Wide Range Thermometry
Constructing The Perfect Temperature Sensor
Thermocouple Junction Types
General Operating Principles
Thermocouple Types and Applications
Standard Applications Thermocouples
Plastic Applications Thermocouples
Magnesium Oxide Insulated Sensors
Standard Applications Thermocouples
Surface Applications Thermocouples
Moving Applications Thermocouples
Moving/Surface Applications Thermocouples
Standard Applications Thermocouples
High Temperature Thermocouple Probes
Mineral Insulated Cable (MI)
General RTD Information
General RTD Specifications
Standard RTD Applications
Terminations and Accessories
Thermocouple and Thermocouple Extension Wire Information
Thermocouple Wire Calibration Type Characteristic
Thermocouple and Thermocouple Extension Wire - Color Codes
Thermocouple Wire Specifications
Thermocouple Wire - Standard Inventory Items

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Folder Controllers
Convectronics Phase Angle Control Consoles
ACS-13A Digital Indicating Controller
JCL-33 Controller with Ramp/Soak
JC Series Digital Indicating Controllers
FPT Series Single-Phase Power Controllers

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Folder Technical Information
Operating Instructions For Flameless Electric Air Heaters
Air Heater Performance Characteristics
Power Required To Heat Air
Flow Meter Correction Curve
Electrical Data
Time and Temperature Data
Temperature Conversion Chart (°F and °C)
Properties Of Refractory And Ceramic Materials
Refractory Metals Resistance To Corrosive Materials Guide
Common Tubing, Sheath, Protection Tube and Well Materials
RTD And Thermistor Resistance Vs. Temperature Tables
Revised Thermocouple Reference Tables (°C)
Revised Thermocouple Referenc e Tables (°F)
Electrical Charts And Conversions
Equivalents And Conversions

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Folder Customer Forms Customer Application Data Sheet
Sales Policy and Ordering Information

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