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RFQ / Customer Application Data Sheet

  This form has been prepared for our use in specifiying the precise parameters you wish to measure and
will assist Convectronics' engineers in determining the best heater/transducer for your YourApplication.
Name:   Title:
Company:   Dept:
Address:   Address2:
City:   State:
Zip:   Country:
Phone:   Ext:
Fax:   Email:

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  *Yellow Fields Required!
  Briefly Describe Your Application:    
  Power/Voltage Req'd:   Volts:   Watts:    
  Temperature Range Req'd:   Transient:   Steady State:    
  Flow/Pressure Req'd:   Transient:   Steady State:    
  Temperature to be Measured/Reached:   (A) Wall Surface:   Type of Wall Material:    
      (B) Local Gas Temperature:   Velocity of Gas:    
      (C) Local Liquid Temperature:   Velocity of Fluid:    
      (D) Local Plastic Temperature:    
      (E) Other/Material:   Spacer  
  Type of Environment: (check all that apply)
  Oxidizing   Reducing   Neutral  
  Container Wall Material:    
  Test or Process Duration:    
  Minimum Response Time Desired:    
  Quantity of Units Desired:    
  Delivery Requirements:    
  If possible, enclose a sketch of the desired unit including the approximate dimensional requirements, mounting details,
lead wire, and connector requirements, etc.
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