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Triple Pass Heaters: Three Element Housing

Part # 003-10268     Features:
• Triple Pass Stainless Steel Housing
• Replaceable Elements
• Choice of Wattage
• Can Be Wired Single or Three-Phase
• Built-In Thermocouple Port
• Flow Rates Up To 50 SCFM
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The triple pass housing causes the air to be preheated prior to flowing through the elements resulting in a more efficient heater. The outer shell remains cool to the touch, making this product user friendly.

The elements can be replaced by removing the Rear Adaptor (2 screws), sliding the electrical leads off the Element Terminal Pins, removing the Element Retaining Screw, and sliding the three elements out of the housing. New elements are then installed by reversing the above sequence.

There are three different wattage elements that fit this housing:
  The element connections are brought out of the housing through a six conductor (Plus Ground) flexible cable. Each conductor is numbered and color coded so that they can easily be connected single or three-phase externally. The silicone jacketed cable is rated at 500 volts and 180°C.

The housing comes complete with a thermocouple port (3/16” Dia. compression fitting) and a plug if a thermocouple is not used. When using a thermocouple be sure to insert it to a depth that will center the junction over one of the elements. Use thermocouple
(“K” type with 2 Ft. armor)

Refer to
Power Control Module
S.C.R. Power Control
Contactors and Controllers

for power control of these heaters.

Part # 003-10028 (3) 2,000 Watts/Element 240V
6,000 Watts Total
Part # 003-10029 (3) 2,800 Watts/Element 240V
8,400 Watts Total
Part # 003-10030 (3) 3,600 Watts/Element 240V
10,800 Watts Total

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Air Flow Characteristics
Air flow rates up to 50 SCFM can be used with this housing, however, a regenerative blower should not be used as the back pressure is too high. The compressed air used should be filtered and regulated. Refer to the included performance curves for each wattage.
Part Number#003-10028
(3 ea.) - 2KW Elements
  Part Number #003-10029
(3 ea.) - 2.8KW Elements
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  Part # 003-10030
(3 ea.) - 3.6KW Elements
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Broken line sections of curves indicate Reduced Heater Life Area. The filament temperature is above 1950°F. Refer to the Heater Life Curve in the technical information section of our website.  
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