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Thread Size
.250” 1/2-20 3/4 1"
.312” 1/2-20 3/4 1"
.375” 5/8-1/8 1 1"
.430” 3/4-16 1 1"

A threaded bushing is brazed or welded to the sheath to provide quick, rigid, liquid or air-tight mounting through tank walls, oven walls, etc.

• Available in Brass or Stainless Steel
• All bushings furnished with plated washer,
  compressed non-asbestos gasket and jam nut
• Hex head bushings are standard
• Specify location from end of sheath

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Locator Rings  
Locator rings are permanently attached to the heater sheath and are used to limit the movement of the heater while allowing for expansion and contraction of the heater sheath. When ordering, please specify the location from the end of the sheath.  
Mounting Brackets  
The 16 gauge stainless steel mounting bracket is an economical way to mount the heater in non-pressurized, non-liquid applications. Unless otherwise specified the brackets will be located 1/2” (13 mm) from the edge of the heater sheath.



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* All letter designated dimensions must be supplied by the customer.
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