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Operating Instructions
Performance Characteristics
Power and Flow Graphs
Electrical Data: Connections and Wiring
Time and Temperature Data
Temperature Conversion, Element Melting Points
Properties of Refractory and Ceramic Materials
Refractory Metals Corrosion Resistance Guide
Tubing, Sheath, Prot. Tube, Well Materials Guide
RTD and Thermistor Resistance vs. Temp. Table
Thermocouple Reference Tables N.I.S.T °C:
Thermocouple Reference Tables N.I.S.T °F:
Electrical Charts & Conversions
Temperature Equivalents & Conversions
Equivalents & Conversions
Customer Application Data Sheet / RFQ

Technical Information
Thermocouple Reference Tables N.I.S.T - °F:

N.I.S.T - °F
Type B
  N.I.S.T - °F
Type C
  N.I.S.T - °F
Type E
  N.I.S.T - °F
Type J
  N.I.S.T - °F
Type K
NIST deg F type B NIST deg F type c NIST deg F type e NIST deg F type j NIST deg F type k
N.I.S.T - °F
Type N
  N.I.S.T - °F
Type R
  N.I.S.T - °F
Type S
  N.I.S.T - °F
Type T
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NIST deg F type n   NIST deg F type r   NIST deg F type s   NIST deg F type t  
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