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Convectronics Phase Angle Control Consoles
ACS-13A Digital Indicating Controller
Operation Overview
Standard Specifications
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JCL-33 Digital Indicating Controller with Ramp/Soak
JC Series Digital Indicating Controllers
FPT Series Single-Phase Power Controllers

ACS-13A Diagrams/Schematics

Terminal Arrangement
    Power Supply
EV1 Alarm 1 output
O2/EV2   Cooling output (Option: D), Alarm 2 output (Option: A2) or Heater Burnout Alarm output (Option: W, W3)
O1   Control output or Heating output (Option: D)
DC   DC current or DC voltage input (For DC voltage input, + side terminal number differs depending on the voltage input)
TC   Thermocouple input
RTD   RTD input
CT1   CT input 1 (Option: W, W3)
CT2   CT input 2 (Option: W3)
DI   Contact input (Option: SM)
RS-485   Serial communication RS-485 (Option: C5)
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External Dimensions (Unit: mm)   Panel Cutout (Unit: mm)
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Wiring Example   CT External Dimensions (Unit: mm)
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USB Communication Cable CMA (Unit: mm)   Solderless Terminal
  Use a solderless terminal with an insulation sleeve in which the M3 screw fits. Tightnening torque is 0.6N-m to 1.0N-m.
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