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ACS-13A Digital Indicating Controller
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ACS-13A Operation Overview

Point 1: Controller with the Shortest Depth (56mm)
Higher functions and performance have been achieved with the shortest depth of the 56mm ACS-13A. This provides cost and space reduction.

Please use a gasket to reinforce Dust-proof/Drip-proof function.
Depth of control panel interior when gasket is used: 54.5mm.
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Point 2: An Easier Viewing Display with Status Color Indication
The PV display color can be seletcted from red, green and orange.

The PV display color can also change continuously depending on deviation
between PV and SV, which allows easy and distinct status checking.

PV display color
• Regular Status: Green
• Regular Status: Red
• Regular Status: Orange
• Alarm OFF: Green, Alarm ON: Red
• Alarm OFF: Orange, Alarm ON: Red
• PV Color changes continuously:
  Orange Green Red
• PV Color changes continuously
     + Alarm ON (Red)
Point 3: Versatile Controls, Specifications and Enhancements
4-point SV, using external selection 3-phase Heater burnout alarm
SV memory function, which can switch 4 points of SV using external contact signal, is equipped.
After registering the SV’s (SV1 to SV4), they can be easily switched by external operation.
  Any trouble in 3-phase heaters such as burnout or deterioration can be detected by connecting 2 CT’s (current transformers). Alarm types 20A and 50A are available for both single phase and 3-phase.
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Point 4: User-friendly Communication: Remote Monitoring, Data Transmission
Standard Console communication function enables 1 to 1
communication between a PC with USB port and the ACS-13A.
Various settings and monitoring can be performed using the Console software SWS-ACS01M.
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Optional Serial communication (RS-485)
Serial communication (RS-485) between a PC/Touch panel unit and the ACS-13A enables various settings and remote monitoring. A maximum of 31 units in a centralized control system can be established.
Shinko protocol and Open Network Modbus protocol are usable.
When monitoring multiple ACS-13A units with a PC or Touch panel unit.   When communicating with a PLC and up to 32 units of the ACS-13A.
By connecting to the Touch panel unit, up to 31 points of temperature control can easily be monitored.
For a PC with RS-232C, a communication converter is required.
Touch panel units corresponding to the ACS-13A are shown below.
Digital Electronics Corp.: GLC Series, GP Series
Hakko Electronics CO., Ltd.: V7 Series, V6 Series
  By connecting to a PLC via PLC interface unit SIF-400 up to 32 units of the ACS-13A can be connected.
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Point 5: Dust-proof/Drip-proof Function (IP66)
• Can be used in a dust or water splashed environment.
• UL/cUL, CE marking pending.
Point 6: Output Rate of Change Limit
This function is suitable for heaters which are not designed for sudden changes in output (OUT1).
This is suited for controlling heaters such as the Kanthal Super. This also stabilizes control by suppressing output fluctuation.
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Name and functions of the sections
1) PV Indicator: Lights when PV is indicated in the PV/SV display mode
  2) PV Display:   Indictates the PV (process variable)
  3) SV Indicator:   Lights when the SV is indicated in the PV/SV display mode
  4) MEMO Indicator:   Lights when Set value memory external selection (SM option) is added
  5) MEMO Display   Indicates the Set value memory number
  6) SV Display:   Indicates the SV (set value)
  7) Increase Key:   Increases the numeric value
  8) Decrease Key:   Decreases the numeric value
  9) Mode Key:   Selects the setting mode, or registers the set value. Press to register the set (selected) value
  10) OUT/OFF Key:   Switches control ON/OFF or Auto/Manual control function
  11) Action Indicators:   O1 (OUT1): Lights when control output is ON or when heating output (D option) is ON
O2 (OUT2): Lights when cooling output (D option) is ON
EV1: Lights when Alarm 1 output is ON
EV2: Lights when alarm 2 output
(A2 option) is ON or when Heater burnout alarm (W, W3 option) is ON
AT: Flashes while AT (auto-tuning) or auto-reset is performing
T/R: Lights when Serial comm. (C5 option) is performing (TX output)
LOCK: Lights when Lock 1, Lock 2 or Lock 3 is selected
  12) Console Connector:   The following operations can be conducted by connecting to the USB
communication cable (Model: CMA, sold separately).
(1) Reading and setting of SV, PID and various set values
(2) Reading of PV and action status, and
(3) Function change
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