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JC Series Digital Indicating Controllers
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JC Series Product Configurator

Model Number Configuration JC-____-33A-_____/M _____ _____ _____
Front Panel Size Code
1/16 DIN (48mm x 48mm) S
1/8 DIN (48mm x 96mm) R
1/4 DIN (96mm x 96mm) D
Alarm Function Code
Standard A
Control Output Code
Relay Contact R
SSR Driver S
4-20mA* A
*Not available with heater break alarm  
Input Code
True Multi-Input M
T/C, RTD, Voltage, Current
Supply Voltage Code
24V AC/DC 1
100 - 240V AC -
Control Output 2 Code
Relay Output DR
SSR Driver DS
4-20mA* DA
Solid State Relay Output*
*Only available on the JCS model  
Options Code
Alarm 2 A2
RS-485*** C5
Heater Break (5A) W5A
(10A) W10A
(20A) W20A
(50A) W50A
Remote SV**
Loop Break Alarm LA
Transmitter Power Supply 24V DC* P24
*Not available on the JCS
**Standard feature on the JCR and JCD
*** Not available with SM option

High Performance
Temperature & Recording
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All Units feature a full
3-Year warranty and lifetime technical support!


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